Bernie’s Press Secretary To Supporters: We Lost Fair & Square, ZERO Election Fraud

The rift between supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) political revolution and the Democratic Party establishment has grown deeper with the release of emails that indicate that undemocratic collusion between the party and the campaign of Hillary Clinton did take place. This divide leaves many Sanders supporters and independents in an uncomfortable and confused position – while appalled at the thought of an inevitably disastrous Donald Trump presidency, many find it distasteful to cede their support to a party which appeared to rig the system.

As the Democratic National Convention swings into its second day full of momentum from rousing speeches, Senator Sanders’ own former national press secretary, Symone Sanders, (no relation) took to Twitter to address his supporters and put things in perspective.

She is absolutely right. While it’s clear that improper collusion did take place, it was not enough to change the fact that former Secretary Clinton received millions more votes than Mr. Sanders did, and we all must recognize that the risks posed by a Donald Trump presidency are far too great for us to continue infighting like this. While the integrity of the democratic process must continue to be a huge priority for the Democratic Party and the liberal movement in America, the continued existence of a democratic process at all must take precedence.

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