WATCH: Trump’s Black Pastor Gets Called Out LIVE on Air for Being An Impostor

In this clip, Trump’s favorite black preacher-for-hire is busted on live television – and admits he made up a majority of his resume! Pastor Mark Burns has been one of the men leading Trump’s obviously insincere efforts to appeal to black voters, but has been largely more of a hinderance than a help so far. Burns recently tweeted out a gratuitous graphic of Hillary Clinton in blackface, which was the subject of much derision on social media.

Today, Pastor Burns sat down with CNN host Victor Blackwell for what he thought was a softball profile, and got very upset when it became clear that CNN was going to do its job (for once) and actually ask some relevant questions about his background. Like, for instance, whether or not Pastor Burns graduated from North Greenville University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Or whether Pastor Burns actually served six years in the Army reserve.

He did neither, as it turns out, but he reacted just like the man he ostensibly represents when faced with difficult questions – to piteously moan and complain and claim unfair scrutiny. “This is not fair at all. I thought we were doing a profile and all of a sudden you’re here to try to destroy my character” before going on to complain that he was being targeted for being a black man who supports Trump.

It just goes to show that everyone who joins the Trump campaign is a liar and a fraud – just like their boss.

Watch it here:



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Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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