Trump Blamed Female Army Victims For Their Rape. This Veteran’s Response Is PERFECT

The campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has attempted to make Trump more appealing to a wider base of voters. This is why Trump participated in the “Commander in Chief Forum“, in an effort to make himself appear presidential and ready to lead the United States military. However, Trump is entirely tone deaf and while he showed he has the foreign policy credentials of an elementary school student, he also stated he believes it is the fault of female military members if they are raped while serving their country.

While on stage NBC’s Matt Lauer confronted Trump about a tweet he shared in 2013:

More than three years later Trump stood by his statements and said, “It is a correct Tweet. There are many people that think that that’s absolutely correct.” Trump failed to mention who any of these “many people” were.

The comment rippled shockwaves of outrage against the fake-tanned businessman, including former female military member and victim of sexual assault named Crystal spoke out about Trump’s hideous remarks in a powerful video. She said:

Him saying that we just need to expect that sexual assault is going to happen — why should we expect that? Why should I expect when I’m going to work and doing my job that I might be victimized, and it’s just a Tuesday? I should not have to have that fear inside of me when I’m just trying to serve my country and do my duty as a service member? I swore to protect and serve this country. I shouldn’t have to be afraid of being assaulted just because I’m in a unit with other males. And you’re also speaking negatively towards men and their inability to control themselves around women. You’re contributing to what this ideology of what rape culture is, is that women are ‘asking for it’ by us merely being present in a space where males are as well. As a woman who served our nation, know that Donald Trump can’t be trusted to properly handle military service members, as well as victims of sexual assault and trauma.

Donald Trump’s history of misogyny and hatred of women goes back decades. Some of his most disgusting comments include  an instance from 1991 when he was quoted in an interview with Esquire magazine, “You know, it doesn’t really matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” In 1997 Trump stated all women are golddiggers, “The calculating woman who refuses to sign the prenuptial agreement because she is expecting to take advantage of the poor, unsuspecting sucker she’s got in her grasp.” One could go on listing to unending examples of Trump’s entitlement towards women

Trump’s disdain for women goes so far that he doesn’t even believe they have a right to use their bodies as they wish, calling for females to be “punished” if they have abortions. One could go on listing to unending examples of Trump’s feeling of entitlement towards women. He believes women are objects and would much prefer if they stayed in barefoot in the kitchen, but unfortunately for him women comprise the majority of the population in the United States and they will surely let their voices be heard at the ballot box when they vote against Trump’s disgusting world views in November.



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Lou Colagiovanni

Lou Colagiovanni is an investigative journalist living in Las Vegas who specializes in politics and crime. His work has been highlighted all over the world and he is regularly featured on television and radio.

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