Jimmy Kimmel Gave Fake Trump Tax Returns To His Supporters, And Their Responses Are Terrifying

Jimmy Kimmel is back with his “Lie Witness News” segment, in which he submits his subjects to comedic man-on-the-street interviews. In this edition, the Kimmel team asked Donald Trump supporters out in Los Angeles their opinion on the presidential candidates’ tax return situation.

Over the past year Trump has come under fire for refusing to release his tax returns, defying what has become tradition in presidential elections. The Donald claims to be going through some unspecified “audit” causing him to postpone, also making the case that his supporters don’t really care about his tax returns.

That’s exactly what Kimmel wanted to put to the test, whether his supporters would bat an eyelash in their blind support no matter what the tax returns said. So, in order to see if Trump supporters would care at all about the content of Trump’s tax return, the Kimmel team came up with a bunch of controversial questions to ask about a made up tax return filed by Trump that had just come out.

“Was it legitimate for Donald Trump to write off his many marriages as “entertainment”?

What do you think of Donald Trump listing his primary occupation as “farmer”?

What do you think of Donald Trump donating $50,000 to Subway Jared’s Legal Defense Fund?”

Sure enough, Trump supporters were immediately, and without hesitation willing to give him a pass no matter how outlandish or controversial the accusation seemed to be, with answers ranging from “It’s a loophole, if it’s there you’ve gotta utilize it” to “You know, we all kind of fib a little bit.” This goes to show,  sometimes we should be shocked, and outraged when we’re lied to. But nothing will shock Trump supporters, and nothing will make Trump supporters budge.

Watch below:

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