JUST IN: Houston Mass Shooter Was Dressed In Nazi Uniform

After months of quiet, mass shootings once again shake the nation. Around six a.m this morning, a “disgruntled lawyer” opened fire at a mall in Houston, Texas, injuring nine before he was killed by police officers. Shooter Nathan Desai was found to have had multiple weapons in his vehicle – all of them legal, as was his right to openly carry his weapons into a public space.

As this man was not a Muslim, the media narrative is that Desai was apparently a “disgruntled” lawyer who was frustrated with his firm’s closing due to lack of customers.

But this story gets even weirder. Law enforcement sources said that the shooter was wearing what appeared to be an antique German uniform with swastikas on it, and reports indicate that more Nazi paraphernalia was discovered in his apartment.

Why Desai was wearing a Nazi uniform, where he got it, and any relation to white supremacy or neo-Nazi groups are still unclear at the moment. But his attempt to slaughter his countrymen was the 288th mass shooting in this country so far this year, according to watchdog group GunViolenceArchive.org.

Texas’ absurdly lax weapons laws resulted once again in a man opening fire into innocents. There was no good guy with a gun to save the day; just an angry Nazi lawyer.

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