BREAKING: Republicans Hold Emergency Meeting To Consider Trump’s Replacement

In a stunning development, it appears that senior Republican Party officials are holding an emergency meeting in Washington D.C. to discuss options for replacing Trump as their presidential nominee.

A New York Times reporter phoned into the Rachel Maddow Show to announce that preparations are being made for the possibility of Donald Trump stepping down.

Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) has been the first to call for Trump’s resignation after the video of Trump discussing his fondness for sexually assaulting married women broke earlier this afternoon.

Early voting has already started in many states, making it extremely difficult for the GOP to forcibly depose him. It’s an unprecedented situation, so the rules are murky. A 168-member body of Republican National Committee would meet and have to vote; the protocol for doing so is still unclear.

While it’s not likely that the narcissitic Donald would admit defeat and consign himself to the ranks of the losers that he so despises, the situation is looking increasingly bleak for the racist rabble-rouser as the women of the United States explode in fury. The end may be nigh indeed for the mandarin mogul.

Watch it here:

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Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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