Carville Just Unloaded On The Media For Allowing Comey To “Hijack Our Democracy”

Prominent Democratic figure James Carville is not letting Republicans get away with their overt attempt to hijack our democracy. Carville voiced his anger on MSNBC this Monday at the way FBI Director James Comey has reignited the investigation into candidate Clinton’s emails.

“American democracy is really under attack here,” he said, pointing the finger at Comey and House Republicans.

“We do know our that democracy is under assault,” adding, “People have to decide, do we want our country for ourselves and the people in charge or do we want the KGB and the House Republicans to decide this election?”

Anchor Thomas Roberts brought up the praising of Comey by Democrats back in July, but Comey stood firm in his stance, strongly urging Roberts, “Why are you defending this?”

He continued, “Why are you sitting here when our democracy is under assault, when the FBI is acting at the behest of Jason Chaffetz, and sitting here acting like this is legit, it’s not. It’s an effort to effect this election. Democrats and people across this country have to know that,” he noted resoundingly.

“When the facts change you change your mind,” he continued, regarding the change in the FBI from July to now.

“You’re defending an assault on the American Democracy,” Carville fumed, adding that this is, “An unprecedented event.” Carville again cautioned that our government is at risk at the hands of Comey, the GOP.

As Carville so passionately advocated, we will not let the election and our democracy be squandered at the hands of these perpetrators.

Watch it here:


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Christine Branch

Christine is an avid supporter of progressive politics. She is currently getting her Masters degree after concentrating in Gender Studies as an undergrad.

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