Alec Baldwin Just Destroyed Trump’s Love Affair With KKK & Putin On SNL

“Saturday Night Live” just roasted Donald Trump’s relationships with the FBI, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the KKK in its final pre-election show.

Once again, it was Alec Baldwin who delivered a masterful performance that every voter needs to see.

Instead of asking Baldwin as Trump about his scandals, the news anchor just kept questioning McKinnon as Clinton about her emails, just like every terrible news anchor in the mainstream media.

It didn’t even matter whenBaldwin as Trump planted kisses on the lips of an FBI agent, a Klansman or Putin.

“Erin, you saw that, right? He kissed an FBI guy?” Hillary asked the anchor at one point.

“It doesn’t seem like enough of a story, let’s get back to your emails,” Strong as Burnett replied.

It’s the perfect ending to a hilarious skit that perfectly nailed the danger of Donald Trump and the media’s terrible job of vetting him — while obsessing over Hillary’s harmless emails.

Watch it below and pass it on:

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