Final Election Polls: Hillary Will Win, Obama More Popular Than Reagan

After years of appallingly racist smear campaigns and relentless obstructionism thrown at him from a petty and resentful right-wing, our beloved President Obama has emerged from the storm as one of the most popular leaders in our nation’s history.

He’s now more popular than Ronald Reagan was at the end of his second term, averaging a cool 52.1% approval rating in his polls, but a few points shy of President Bill Clinton.


As the election comes to a close, the last polls to come in show Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a resolute lead across the board. Monmouth’s latest has Clinton leading by six pointsthe Washington Post has Clinton leading by 8, and even FOX News has Clinton leading by 4 points.

The soothsayers have good tidings for us. Let us hope that their predictions will become a reality tomorrow. It would be too cruel a tragedy to follow up a magnificent statesman like Barack Obama with a cantankerous con man and probable rapist like Donald Trump.


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