Trump Just Whined About A-List Celebrities. Chrissy Teigen’s Response Is Perfect

President-elect Donald Trump is very upset that no celebrities not named Kid Rock will perform at his inauguration. Always obsessed with superficial appearances, his love of celebrities in the past is well-documented. He’s cultivated a close relationship with Tom Brady and he once spent $12,000 of someone else’s charity money for a Tim Tebow helmet. Just last week, he invited Kanye West to Trump Tower to talk.

Trump uses celebrities to validate his bloated sense of self-important and assuage his overwhelming insecurities. So far, the inauguration – the biggest representation of his personal triumph he could imagine – will be devoid of celebrity and shunned like a leper’s convention. He might look like…dare one say…a loser.

You can tell this bothers Trump immensely, because he took to Twitter to complain about it.

The responses to this ridiculously immature declaration of “well I didn’t want you at my party anyway” were wide and hilarious, but the best zinger came from John Legend’s fabulous wife, Chrissy Teigen, who raked Trump over the coals in a devastatingly funny response.

It’s nice to know that our spoilt child of a president is taking some time in between declaring his intention to wage a literal nuclear arms race to complain about celebrities refusing to attend his big party.

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