Newsweek’s Top Writer Just Blasted The Media For Being Afraid Of Trump

Through his relentless weeks of intimidating the press by using threats of lawsuit or public shaming, President-elect Donald Trump has pacified much of the mainstream media. There are some journalists who recognize Trump’s tactics and they implore their colleagues to “grow a backbone” when covering Trump in the future.

Kurt Eichenwald, of Newsweek, expressed his disgust while he was a guest on MSNBC to host Jonathan Capehart. Eichenwald said:

We have a president-elect who has been treated completely differently from anybody else. The press has unfortunately gotten into this thing where they’re afraid of propaganda outlets like Fox News coming in and calling them biased. There is no bias here. We have got to grow a backbone. We have got to demand press conferences. We have got to stop covering his tweets like they’re news.

Journalists have good reason to be afraid of Trump, who has suggested in loosening the First Amendment so that he has an avenue to punitively penalize them.

Trump has used his intimidation tactics successfully to avoid answering a variety of questions of substance. Eichenwald is aware of Trump’s game and is not impressed. He concluded:

This man has some very serious questions to answer. We’re getting to the point we should start to wonder, is the problem he can’t answer? That he doesn’t have the intelligence to answer? That he’s afraid to answer? We have to bear down on him and let the American public know that this is not normal. When the Foxes of the world object to acting like a normal reporter as being biased we should just point them out and say, they’re lying, just ignore them.

Watch the segment below:

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Lou Colagiovanni

Lou Colagiovanni is an investigative journalist living in Las Vegas who specializes in politics and crime. His work has been highlighted all over the world and he is regularly featured on television and radio.

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