Trump Asked George Lopez to Perform at Inauguration. His Response Is Epic

The trials and tribulations of Donald Trump’s efforts to assuage his own ego and find some kind of star willing to perform at his inauguration ceremony and normalize his particularly heinous brand of bigoted hatred continue to the amusement of the nation at large.

The next president of the United States has had to cut short the length of his inaugural parade and ceremony due to a lack of participation. Stars across the country have turned down his offers; agents who could have earned jobs in a Trump administration in exchange for booking A-list talent have still refused to do so; the Rockettes rebelled when their employers tried to force them to perform for him.

The latest star his transition team has reached out to before being publicly rejected is comedian and actor George Lopez, who revealed that not only did the Trump team make a last-ditch effort to recruit him, they then asked for another star’s contact information!

The constant string of rejections and refusals definitely weigh heavily on Donald Trump, who has spent his whole life pursuing the adulation of the masses and the company of celebrities in order to prove to himself that he’s as tremendous as he thinks he deserves to be. He is a narcissistic egomaniac, and the first step to tearing him down it to deny him the legitimacy that he so desperately craves.

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