A Hidden Cam Just Caught Pro-Trump Operatives Plotting To Incite Violence At Inauguration (VIDEO)

Conservative undercover filmmaker James O’Keefe, who has wreaked havoc by releasing doctored and incomplete videos smearing Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton supporters, et al, just got a taste of his own medicine.

Americans Take Action, one of O’Keefe’s former victims, has sponsored a project that appears to have captured O’Keefe making plans to inject chaos into President Donald Trump’s inauguration next week.

The hidden camera recordings, released by The Undercurrent, show O’Keefe attempting to incite progressive activists into disrupting the inauguration television broadcast (“turn on a TV and maybe not even see Trump,”) even suggesting shutting down a bridge.

The underpinning logic here is that the disruptive protests might play into the hands of Trump’s incoming White House. As a candidate, Mr. Trump made calls to restrict freedom of speech, including a proposal to “close up” parts of the internet. A messy inauguration would provide fodder for such plans.

Ironically, Trump paid O’Keefe’s Veritas Project during his ploys to frame Hillary Clinton supporters paying to incite violence at the President-elect’s rallies in Chicago. It’s not clear if Trump’s camp has any involvement in O’Keefe’s later venture.

Lauren Windsor, executive producer for The Undercurrent, told The Huffington Post that she plans to release only pieces of the recordings at a time. Just like Mr. O’Keefe.

Watch the hidden camera video here:

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