Trump Voters Are BEGGING Trump To Get Off Twitter

Even incoming president Donald Trump’s voters are waking up to his appalling narcissism and inability to act professionally. Trump’s Twitter account has continued to be dominated by personal attacks, gossip, and petty retribution targeting anyone who offends his oversized ego. Now, Trump voters are realizing what we knew all along: Trump’s tweeting (not to mention his policies) makes him totally unqualified to represent America to the world. They have started tweeting en masse to demand that Trump stops tweeting immediately.

Molly Knight drew the internet’s attention to the protests against Trump’s Twitter with her collage of tweets.

Here are some of our favorites from the anti-Trump’s Twitter movement:

A new poll by Quinnipac finds that 64% of Americans think Trump should delete his account and stop picking petty feuds. Trump certainly won’t do so, because he uses the firestorm of controversy over his public attacks to distract attention away from his more heinous decisions and actions, like today’s demand that the Affordable Care Act be repealed within a few weeks. Collectively, as a nation, we must stop paying so much attention to Trump’s tweets and recognize them for what they really are – a diversionary tactic that takes advantage of the infotainment media.

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