In Trump’s America, A Black Waitress Just Got The Worst “Tip” Possible

A Virgina waitress working at Antia’s restaurant stopped at a table over the weekend to pick up a paid bill of $30 from a white couple – but found a shocking surprise instead of a tip.  Kelly Carter was absolutely horrified when she looked down to read “GREAT SERVICE. DON’T TIP BLACK PEOPLE.”


Kelly is refusing to let it get to her, however. “One hateful remark cannot stop me” said the woman, as she declared she would certainly serve them again. “My arms are still opened to him. He only hurt himself. He only makes me stronger.”Just me serving them will let them know they did not get the best of me. And I truly mean that.”

The community has been rallying around her in support as her regulars make a point of stopping by to show their love and over $300 has been raised on a YouCaring campaign for her to help make up for the hateful message.

While we commend Kelly for going high when the racists went very low, it just goes to show how the tip system puts hard-working Americans at the mercy of cheap bigots who use their prejudices to excuse being a cheapskate.


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