Trump Just Exploded On Twitter, Cited Fake News Site To Debunk Russian Sex Scandal

President-elect Donald Trump has had yet another public meltdown, this time over allegations that he is being blackmailed by Russian security services.

Much of this is lies, of course. Trump himself has admitted that he has a relationship with Vladimir Putin; an ABC News investigation found that Trump has received “millions” in payments from Russian companies to the Trump Organization; Trump reportedly owns hundreds of companies in the Russian Federation and two more in Cyprus, the tax haven used by Russian oligarchs to launder money through.

More problematic for Trump is the fact that the “article” he tweeted out to “debunk” the claims from “left-wing blog” Buzzfeed is in fact from a site known for publishing “fake news.” Lifezette is run by Laura Ingraham, she of RNC Sieg-Heil fame, and is known for spreading conspiracy theories like the idea that somehow the Clintons were involved in the death of John F Kennedy Jr. or that George Soros was paying to have voting machines hacked for Democrats.

A BBC correspondent came out today and announced that the British intelligence agent is not the “only” source for the allegations in the now infamous Buzzfeed Report. While the information in the reports is most likely unverifiable, as Putin will have cleaned up all the loose ends, the implication remains that Trump may be compromised by the Russian government – which makes him unfit to lead this country.

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