Twitter Is ROASTING Trump Over His Russian Sex Tape Scandal

Following the news that Donald Trump is allegedly being blackmailed by the Russian government over perverted sex parties that included hiring prostitutes to urinate on a bed once slept in by President Obama and First Lady Obama, the Twitterverse exploded with hilarity mocking the President-elect for the disgusting way he chose to insult the President.

The results are very punny – and devastatingly spot-on.

It should be noted that we are NOT kinkshaming Donald Trump for enjoying the services of hopefully well-paid sex workers engaging in urination play but we are shaming him for being so horrendously petty and vindictive that he go to such extensive – if uncreative – lengths to get back at our President for mocking him at the 2013 Correspondents Dinner – the year the allegations took place.

What do you think?