Desperate Trump Offers Free Inauguration Tix. Facebook’s Response Is Perfect

President-elect Donald Trump is very concerned about the attendance at his inauguration. He’s already spent weeks complaining about the lack of A-list stars, announcing he doesn’t actually care about A-list celebrities,  and then hiring whoever is willing to play.

The number of citizens attending is looking rather low as well, since only 200 bus permits have been filed – as opposed to over 1,200 for the Million Women March the next day. It is bound to be a source of great stress for the Donald, who, as Slate notes, ” is a ruler who loves rulers; if it’s measurable, he wants to measure it.”

Which is perhaps why Trump took to Facebook to offer up free tickets to potential fans.



Commentators on Facebook, however, did not appreciate his offer and responded with hilarious rejections, graphic descriptions of things they’d rather do, and expressed their frustration with our potential spoiled child in chief.



All amusement aside, it is vitally important that everyone who does not support Donald Trump boycott his inauguration – set your television to a different channel and show up to protest the next day. Deny him the legitimacy he so desperately wants and send a message that he is #notmypresident.


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