Trump Says Inauguration Photo Was Taken Earlier. Reuters’ Response Is Perfect

While Trump continues to claim that the embarrassing photo of the paltry attendance of his inauguration was taken earlier, the Reuters News crew that took the photo says it is from 12:01 PM… the very moment he was being sworn in:

The editor, Jim Bourg, just said in Facebook post:

I am seeing a lot of inaccurate talk and allegations online about the crowd photos from Friday’s Trump inauguration that are simply not borne out by the FACTS. Now I see my own friends reposting this disinformation on Facebook.

Only one news organization had a still photographer atop the Washington monument for the inauguration and I assigned him to be there. This photo by Reuters News Pictures staff photographer Lucas Jackson was taken at 12:01:18 p.m. on Friday and not much earlier as many people are trying to claim.

Once again, Trump has been caught in a massive whopper. Is there ANYTHING that he won’t lie about in order to save face and hide his dwindling popularity? Unfortunately, we have four years to find out.

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