Trump Slammed CNN’s Ratings. CNN’s Response Is Priceless

Far from draining any swamps or restoring power to the American people as promised, Donald Trump’s first few days in office have been focused on desperate attempts to convince the nation – and himself – that his inauguration was the biggest, highest-rated, and best inauguration in American history. He brings it up again and again while blaming the lying media for refusing to accept his “alternative” facts. He fawns over friendly propaganda outlets like FOX News and dismisses challengers as “fake news.”

Just last night, Trump again reminded everyone just how obsessed he is with inaugural ratings and with bringing petty vengeance upon those who won’t fall in line.

Trump’s very public and enormously petty feud with CNN stems from the news outlet’s decision to release a report which revealed that the intelligence community had presented President Obama with reasonable evidence that the Russian Federation had compromising personal and financial information on the real estate mogul that could be used to blackmail him. That prompted Buzzfeed News to release a report by an ex-MI6 agent that alleged Russia had video and audio evidence of Trump engaging in embarrassing sex acts with Russian prostitutes, humiliating the President days before his inauguration.

Since then, CNN has made it their mission to call out the President on his outrageous lies – and they weren’t about to let this tweet go unanswered. CNN fired back on Twitter, schooling Trump on his favorite subject – his ratings – and putting FOX News in their place.

It is ridiculous that we’re still talking about his inauguration ratings as he signs a ban on Muslim immigration, silences federal agencies with a gag order, prepares to spend billions on a Mexican border wall, and prepares a host of other fascist actions. But little lies get us used to accepting big ones, and that’s why we must stand up for the truth at every possible opportunity.

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Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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