Kellyanne Conway Just Turned A White House Interview Into An Ad For Ivanka’s Clothing Line

During his election campaign, President Donald Trump promised voters he would separate himself from his businesses if he became president. Evidence has already surfaced that he has gone back on this promise mere weeks after becoming president. This morning his lying mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway went further, using a White House interview to promote Ivanka Trump’s failing brand.

Conway appeared on Fox News to discuss Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Towards the end of the interview, Conway stepped way out of line, telling viewers she was going to give Ivanka’s brand “a free commercial” before saying “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff!”. This is in clear breach of the laws that prevent Trump from using his presidency for his own financial gain. Conway also claimed that business executives and the media were “using” Ivanka Trump and her brand for their own political goals.

This is just the latest in a series of lies and breaches of protocol by Conway. It is now clear that her boss and his family have every intention of using the presidency to make a quick buck, and will aggressively defend their failing brand at every opportunity, even using taxpayer money to do so.

Watch the video here:

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