College Republicans Just Got Caught Handing Out Anti-Semitic Valentines Cards

College Republicans at the Central Michigan University are now under investigation by the school after it was discovered they were handing out anti-Semitic “Valentines” at a private meeting.

A Republican group accidentally gave one of their Nazi love notes to another student, who quickly took the horrifying missive viral.

The College Republicans have immediately denied all knowledge and responsibility, like good Republicans do. The president of the group said that someone had printed it out with their knowledge and put in bags that were meant to be handed out to only members – but the bag ended up in someone else’s hands.

The “valentine” refers to the six million Jews who were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime during the Second World War. Nazism and its iconography have resurged in the popular eye among conservatives ever since Donald Trump began running for president.

Now that he is President, anti-Semitism is flourishing once again in the United States as white supremacists come out of the woodwork. Jewish community centers and schools are being inundated with bomb threats and hate mail; journalists regularly receive pictures of their children photoshopped in Nazi gas chambers from angry Trump fans.

The University of Michigan had its email system hacked a day ago and racists sent this email to the entire school body:

While this may have been the work of one secret racist, the rising number of incidents like this is more proof that the lines between American conservatism and white supremacy movements is rapidly blurring.

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