White Supremacists Are Now Using Milk To Celebrate Trump and Racism (VIDEO)

Catch a group of Trump-loving neo-Nazi pals hanging out, and they might just have white liquid dribbling down their chins. That liquid is (usually) milk, and somehow these people are trying to turn the healthy drink into a symbol of white power.

Calling it “milk pride,” the strange and confused mind of the American neo-Nazi has seized on milk, presumably from cows, as a source of ethnic pride, according to an analysis by Mic. This was observed recently in Manhattan, of all places, when a group of Nazi bros danced shirtless and yelled homophobic slurs in front of a live stream set up for protesters by actor Shia LaBeouf.

Somehow this all got started in the schizophrenic and deeply perverse thought triangles of 4Chan, where a proud fascist discovered a map showing that people from certain parts of the world have more lactase in their blood — lactase being the enzyme the body uses to digest milk. Therefore, the ability to easily process milk, which is often found in European people, and milk being a literally white liquid, means that…white people are genetically superior? Or something?

Never mind the basic scientific reality that the presence of this enzyme is directly related to the quantity of milk one consumes — on average, West Africans also have a very high level of lactase present. But it appears the paranoid racists at 4chan have somehow linked the “vegan agenda” to the “globalist Jewish agenda,” which makes drinking milk some form of a protest.

Such brilliant minds at work here. Truly, they are the representatives of the master race and not simply making a convincing case for their own mandatory sterilization.

h/t to Jack Smith IV @ Mic



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