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Seth Rogen Just Trolled Trump Junior In The Best Way Possible

Actor Seth Rogen has taken to Twitter in an effort to save America by asking Donald Trump Jr. to convince his father, Republican President Trump, to resign.

Rogen recently discovered that Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter, so the comedian sent him a tweet, saying:

Rogen then followed it up with a direct message, which he was kind enough to screenshot and share with the world:

Rogen hilariously provided Trump Jr. with a script of exactly what he can say to his fascist father, even being kind enough to offer some suggestions as to what Trump Sr. could do with his newfound free time if he chooses to resign.

Rogen undoubtedly speaks for the world when he told Trump Jr. that his father’s resignation would make everyone “pretty psyched,” especially after the train-wreck of a press conference Trump held today.

As Rogen said, “let’s see if this works!”

Dan Arel

Dan Arel is a bestselling author of The Secular Activist; and Parenting Without God. He is an award-winning journalist and host of the Danthropology Podcast.

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