A Conservative Group Just Banned Milo From Speaking. Twitter’s Response Is PERFECT

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) made a grave error inviting professional provocateur, hate-monger, and alt-right icon Milo Yiannopoulos to speak this week in Washington D.C. A disturbing video has surfaced of Yiannopoulos defending sexual relationships between adult men and boys as young as 13 – in other words, a defense of pedophilia.

CPAC quickly rescinded their invitation to Yiannopoulos, but as disturbing as the pedophilia video is the fact that CPAC was willing overlook Yiannopoulos’s other disgusting statements. He has built a career on inciting anger and hatred. He slanders trans people, lesbians, feminists, women generally, racial and ethnic minorities, Muslims, and others.

Yiannopoulos fans the flames of hatred for those groups of people on the right, and then mocks the left for springing to their defense. The audacity of left to decry his hate speech is used by Yiannopoulos to smear the left in the eyes of his followers.

Yiannopoulos is so far from being an appropriate choice for speaker that CPAC’s decision should not have come down to comments about pedophilia. Twitter users ruthlessly tore into CPAC’s last minute attempt to seize the moral high ground after selling their soul to Yiannopoulos:


CPAC was right to disinvite a pedophilia apologist from their event, but that threshold is far too low. They have no right to feel good about themselves when they were willing to give a man who has built his career on hate speech against women the whole spectrum of minorities a national platform.

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