Trump Just Got Caught LYING About The Size Of His CPAC Speech Crowd

President Donald Trump just gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and it was a doozy. As incoherent and vitriolic as all of Trump’s speeches seem to be, he went out of his way to tell some outrageous lies.

He opened up with his favorite subject – crowd sizes. Trump incorrectly claimed that the line to get into CPAC to see his speech stretched around six blocks outside. In reality, CPAC is a closed event which you have to buy tickets for, which means this couldn’t be real in any sense of the word.

“There are lines that go back six blocks, I’m telling you that because you won’t read about it,” said Trump.

Trump’s obsession with crowd sizes – and the size of things in general -is well known at this point. He started a feud with the media after falsely claiming that the crowds at the inauguration were much larger than the minuscule crowds that actually showed up.

Trump is such an obsessive narcissist he can’t make a single statement without inventing some ridiculous falsehood to massage his bloated ego.

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