Trump Just Got Caught Plagiarizing Word For Word From Exxon-Mobil

In case you needed any more evidence of how deeply the White House is beholden to fossil fuel corporations, look no further than this.

It appears the White House’s press statement congratulating Exxon-Mobil for declaring their intention to invest $20 billion in the United States and create 45,000 jobs plagiarized entire paragraphs from the oil and gas giant’s press statement.

Exxon’s statement, 3:10 PM:

White House statement, 3:44 PM:

Both statements pointed out that Exxon’s plans were originally announced in 2013.

“There is nothing new or newsworthy here. At the risk of stating the obvious, plenty of companies, across various industries, have been touting their U.S. job creation efforts in order to get on the Trump administration’s good side – even when the underlying job creation has little or nothing to do with Washington policy. This is simply the latest example of that” said energy analyst Pavel Molchanov.

Trump had lunch with former Exxon CEO and current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just a few hours before the “news” broke.

It’s just another example of how Trump and his business buddies are manipulating the American people, taking credit for jobs already in the proverbial pipeline and painting themselves as the saviors of the American working class while really scheming to fill their own pockets.

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