Paul Ryan Just Said Trumpcare Is “An Act Of Mercy.” Twitter’s Response Is Brutal

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) just declared that repealing and replacing Obamacare with a giant tax cut disguised as a healthcare plan was an “act of mercy” for the American people.

“What I want to tell my fellow citizens. is that the nightmare of Obamacare is about to end. That we are doing what we said we would do in this campaign which is repeal and replace this awful law that is crashing.

Let me say one more thing. Let’s not forget, Obamacare is collapsing. Obamacare isn’t staying. If we did nothing the law would collapse and leave everybody without affordable health care.

We are doing an act of mercy.”

In reality, under Paul Ryan’s plan, which even Republicans have referred to as a “stinking pile of garbage,” six to ten million Americans would lose their access to healthcare as insurance executives and the ultrawealthy enjoy a $600 billion tax cut. The heaviest blow from the repeal would fall hardest on America’s retirees, as Ryan’s plan allows companies to quintuple the premiums of elderly Americans.

“You’re both jacking up the prices and giving people less of a subsidy, which is a damaging combination,” argues David Certner of the AARP, which has joined the American Medical Association and the American Nurses’ Association in condemning the bill.

The American people, who have suddenly realized that the Affordable Care Act is actually preferable to not having health insurance, are furious at Ryan for his insensitive remarks.

Here’s a collection of Twitter’s best responses.

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