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Trump’s Business Just Got Chinese Approval To Operate Escort Services

Trump’s Business Just Got Chinese Approval To Operate Escort Services

President Donald Trump’s business interests are diverse. He owns hotels, real estate, golf courses, and casinos as well as other smaller ventures like his Trump Steaks brand. Now Donald Trump has decided to begin the process of creating businesses centered around vice. The Chinese government has granted preliminary approval for 38 new Trump trademarks, including one for a Trump escort service!

Other approved trademarks range from hotels and health spas to insurance and bodyguards. The trademarks were applied for by Trump lawyers in April 2016, right around the time that Trump was criticizing China on the campaign trail, accusing the country of currency manipulation and stealing US jobs, especially in manufacturing. Clearly, the presidential candidate didn’t mind investing in a country that was, according to him, hellbent on destroying the U.S. economy. Trump’s new trademarks will raise further questions from his critics about conflicts of interest.

The trademarks will be fully approved if no-one objects to them during a 90 day period. If Trump received any special treatment at all when applying for these trademarks he would be in violation of the Constitution, which prohibits public servants from accepting anything valuable from foreign governments unless approved by Congress.

Dan Plane, director at a Hong Kong intellectual property consultant, said on the matter:

For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications – boy, it’s weird.

This raises serious questions about whether the Chinese Government is trying to curry favor with Trump. Richard Painter, Chief Ethics Lawyer for President George W. Bush, also raised concerns over the approvals:

A routine trademark, patent, or copyright from a foreign government is likely not an unconstitutional emolument, but with so many trademarks being granted over such a short time period, the question arises as to whether there is an accommodation in at least some of them.

It is entirely possible that the Chinese government is trying to play nice with Trump by appealing to his baser instincts. By allowing him to stamp his name on businesses and make money there, Trump is likely to think more favorably of a country he has constantly criticized as being out to get America. This is yet another demonstration of Trump’s integrity or, rather, the lack thereof.

This development will definitely not sit well with many of Trump’s voters, a significant portion of whom are religiously conservative. An escort service is just a fancy name for prostitution, which is illegal in all states except Nevada. Trump clearly doesn’t have any moral qualms about sending young women to work on the streets, a fact which is especially unpalatable on International Women’s Day. But we already knew Trump was a misogynist pig who doesn’t give a damn about how he makes his money.

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