One of Obamacare’s Biggest Opponents Just Accidentally Admitted it’s a Success

Mike Pence went to Kentucky to bash Obamacare with some of the Trump Regime’s most loyal Congressional foot soldiers, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. Pence’s former colleague in the House, five-term Republican Congressman Brett Guthrie, committed the ultimate GOP sin by accidentally calling Obamacare a success.

“If you just do a full repeal and you don’t have a replacement in place, it would send us right back to where we were,” Guthrie told NPR, adding, “I don’t think that’s the right policy.”

The statement might seem innocuous if it had not come from someone who has voted for that very thing — repealing Obamacare — more than 50 times. That Republican Members of Congress are lying about Obamacare is no surprise, and of course politicians will change positions once they are in a position to actually make laws. But Republicans admitting that Obamacare is better than “where we were” just 50 days into this regime is a flip-flop fast enough to give us all whiplash.

After admitting the success of the ACA Guthrie, Pence, and the rest of the Republican Party returned to their efforts to strip health care from 24 million Americans.

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Sheila Norton

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