Trump Just Attacked Snoop Dogg In Unhinged Twitter Rant

President Donald Trump doesn’t have a very thick skin. The president will get offended by almost anything, including comedy sketches, mild criticism, and even the truth. Now Trump is angry about a rap song, namely Snoop Dogg’s new song “BADBADNOTGOOD.”

The music video features plenty of clowns, including one that looks like Donald Trump. Towards the end of the video Snoop Dogg points a revolver at clown Trump’s head and pulls the trigger, only to reveal a small flag with “BANG” written on it, similar to many cartoon depictions of fake revolvers.

Clearly, this was meant as a lighthearted statement about Snoop’s views on the new president, but Trump couldn’t help but let his feelings get hurt.

At one point in the video the Trump clown actually is shot, but this is not Snoop lashing out at the incompetent President. A white clown-cop shoots the rich, white Trump clown. This is a commentary on police brutality, which unjustly targets young black men. In Snoop’s videos the tables are turned, depicting what life would be like if cops felt free to shoot white men pulled over in traffic stops – just like they already shoot non-violent black men.

Trump seems to think that President Obama is like him, thin-skinned, pathetic, and unable to take a joke. But Obama suffered much worse from Republicans during his tenure, and if it got to him he had the sense of class and decorum not to let it show, and especially not to rant about it on Twitter like a petulant 13-year-old.

Trump also seems to have forgotten about the First Amendment. Snoop Dogg is free to express himself as he pleases, and his video is protected by the Constitution. So no, Donald, Snoop Dogg would not have gone to jail under the Obama Administration, and he certainly won’t go to jail under yours.

Trump clearly doesn’t have the slightest clue about U.S. law, despite being president for almost two months now. It’s the pinnacle of irony that a man who has consistently made disparaging remarks and criticized a wide range of individuals throughout his life can’t take a little banter himself.

Trump’s tweets speak volumes about his dysfunctional, narcissistic personality and his weak attempts at rhetorical defense only serve to embarrass him further. Sad!

Watch Snoops’ new music video below, skip to 3:05 to watch him pretend to shoot clown Trump:

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