Trump’s Secretary of State Just Got Devastating News From Email Scandal Investigators

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman just announced that he is ready to start issuing subpoenas over Exxon Mobil’s alleged climate change cover-up and email scandal during Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s tenure as CEO. Schneiderman made very clear that he will pull no punches in the investigation.

Schneiderman made very clear that he will pull no punches in the investigation. Bloomberg reported that the AG is planning to call top Exxon executives to testify under oath, making it highly probably that Tillerson will be subpoenaed himself.

The investigation into Exxon’s deceptive climate change claims under Tillerson’s watch was underway before his nomination as Secretary of State. Since taking office, however, Schneiderman discovered that Tillerson used the phony identity “Wayne Tracker” to email critical information to the board of directors from 2008 to 2015 — including messages debunking climate science.

Tillerson has admitted using the account for seven years, but despite growing evidence to the contrary, claims no wrong doing. In a bizarre defense, an Exxon spokesman explained, “Some of the emails were signed ‘Rex.’” The New York AG appears not to have been swayed however, most likely aware that Tillerson would not be the first criminal to be both sloppy and guilty.

A subpoena would be very bad news for Rex Tillerson. Lies have become the new normal from this White House, but if he (or Wayne Tracker) does it under oath, it would be an impeachable offense.

Denying climate science is always stupid. Now, though, it may also be illegal.

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Sheila Norton

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