Trump Will LOSE IT Over What A Republican Congressman Just Called Trumpcare

Voting to take healthcare away from millions of Americans is easy when you know it will be vetoed — so easy, in fact that Republicans did it sixty-five times.

Now that they have a chance to actually pass their own healthcare bill however, Republicans are struggling to reconcile their rhetoric with reality, and it is not pretty.

Even as Trump insists that everything is going great with his healthcare repeal bill, Republicans have been panning the legislation more and more every day.

Today, Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) tweeted a message that Trump cannot possibly pretend is a compliment. He didn’t say the bill was simply hated or even one of the most hated bills he’s seen. He said it’s the most universally hated bill he has encountered in his four terms in Congress:

This is just the latest sign that the Republican Party is completely unravelling under the “leadership” of Donald Trump, and it’s only day 60 — typically what’s called “the honeymoon phase.” At this rate, Trump will be lucky if his regime lasts an entire term.

For the rest of us, however, it can’t end soon enough.

Sheila Norton

Sheila Norton is a journalist with ten years of Capitol Hill experience. She has consulted extensively for a variety of progressive causes, including equal rights and clean energy.

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