Watergate Legend Just Called Out Republican ‘Hypocrisy’ in Today’s Russia Hearing

When it comes to uncovering corruption, few have more credibility than Carl Bernstein, one half of the Watergate-busting Woodward & Bernstein duo that exposed Watergate. He understands legitimate investigations into government malfeasance, and today, he called out Congressional Republicans for their “hypocrisy” and phony outrage over leaks within the Trump regime.

“I can state w/confidence,” Bernstein said in his first tweet, “that many intel members now decrying ‘leaks’ of classified info have themselves ‘leaked’ classified info knowingly.”

Bernstein continued, to hammer members for their hypocrisy in  “decrying classified ‘leaks’ in context of this hearing” and finished with a tweet calling Republicans out in one specific and very relevant case: “Prime example of wholesale classified ‘leaking’ to press by members of congress (and hypocrisy): Gowdy Committee Benghazi investigation.”

This claim is particularly humiliating for Republicans as, earlier in the day, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) suggested that journalists should be jailed for reporting such leaks — leaks that he himself had shared according to Bernstein.

Most of us did not need a legendary journalist to tell us that Republicans in Congress are hypocrites. But as evidence continuing to indicate that Trump’s scandals are “bigger than Watergate,” it’s good to know that Carl Bernstein is on the case.

Bernstein’s tweets can be viewed below.

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Sheila Norton

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