A Republican Congressman Just Insulted His Town Hall. Their Comeback Is Legendary

Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) tried to turn his town hall into a Power Point lecture on why his constituents were better off without affordable healthcare and were wrong to expect him to act on local infrastructure projects.

The residents of Oroville, CA were not having it. (Video below.)

The third term Representative expected the crowd to remain silent as he condescended to them and was visibly annoyed when they called him out, at one point even walking off stage in defiance.

It was when LaMalfa struck out at his town hall attendees, however, that they hit him with what may be remembered as the most perfect comeback from this combative Congressional Recess period.

After a few in the crowd complained about the Congressman’s inaction on the Oroville Dam project, he snapped at them, “Do you yell in church?” (7:25 in the video.)

The crowd booed until someone shouted back, “Do you lie in church?

This ignited repeated chants of “Do you lie in church? Do you lie in church?”

The Congressman never answered the question, but it is worth pursuing. If Republican politicians stop lying, I’m sure their constituents would be happy to stop yelling at them.

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Sheila Norton

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