Bill O’Reilly Just Responded to His Firing With A Disgusting Defense

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly officially became so toxic that even FOX News — with it’s pastime of covering for sexual crimes — could no longer touch him.

O’Reilly was vacationing in Italy when FOX News fired him for the crimes they had been covering up, so he did not immediately comment.

Today, after facing the consequences for being outed as a serial sexual predator, he released a statement. Did he apologize for the harm he had inflicted? Of course not.

Bill O’Reilly took the opportunity to brag and make excuses. That this is predictably in-character for the notorious blowhard makes it no less despicable.

Below is the full statement, a fitting farewell for a man who will leave the industry the same way he entered it. Lying.


Sheila Norton

Sheila Norton is a journalist with ten years of Capitol Hill experience. She has consulted extensively for a variety of progressive causes, including equal rights and clean energy.

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