Trump Held A Truly Insane Dinner At The White House Last Night

You would think at this point that President Trump is running out of ways to disgrace his office – but he really outdid himself last night.

Trump decided to invite former Alaskan Governor and Tea Party zealot Sarah Palin, fratboy country star Kid Rock, and racist wingnut primarch Ted Nugent to the White House, where they had dinner, posed for pictures in the Oval Office and in front of a painting of Hillary Clinton.

It’s difficult to find words to describe what an utterly vile and repugnant figure Ted Nugent is.

Once a big-time country rocker who wrote a song about handcuffing and raping thirteen-year-old girls entitled “Jailbait,” The next song on the album is called “I Am A Predator.”

Nugent has become something of a hero among the right-wing backwood militant Republican extremist faction of the Republican Party that have done nothing but polish their shotguns and listen to Rush Limbaugh for the past eight years.

A racist and an anti-Semite, he adopted a 17-year-old girl so that they could have sex without her parents having any legal way to punish him.

Nugent has called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” who should “suck on his machine gun” and referred to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a “worthless b*tch” and a “toxic c*nt.”

That’s the kind of person Trump invites to his White House, and that’s the kind of person that Trump fans idolize.

Bringing this man into the very heart of American government is such a tacit an embrace of white supremacy that he might as well have handed out Klan hoods for all the subtlety of this particular dog whistle.


h/t to Jen Hayden @ Daily Kos

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