Trump Just Embarrassed Himself At Memorial For Slain Police Officers

President Trump’s week got off on the wrong foot when he humiliated himself and the nation at the 36th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.

A solemn occasion where the memories and the sacrifices of the police officers who lose their lives in the line of duty are honored was immediately turned into yet another episode of the Donald J. Trump Show.

Trump began by showing just how petty and self-obsessed he is by refusing to clap for people who aren’t in his administration:

Then when he himself gets introduced, he stands up and points to the crowd, celebrating like he’s at one of his rallies instead of at a memorial service for dead police officers. The disrespect is outrageous.

Trump’s insatiable narcissism is incapable of letting any moment go by without making it about him – like his wife’s birthday – and it came as no surprise when Trump stood up there and promised to support police officers because they supported him “bigly,” an obvious reference to the electoral college victory with which Trump is so deeply obsessed.

Trump’s most bizarre moment came towards the end, when he congratulated himself for sacrificing his fake comb-over and not wearing a hat, before throwing the hat into the crowd – again behaving like he was at a rally and not at a memorial service.

An enormously inappropriate gesture, the disrespect is obvious and the right-wing’s silence is deafening, especially coming from a crowd who once criticized President Obama for eating mustard and putting his feet on a desk.

Trump and the right-wing fetishize police officers to an extremely uncomfortable extent, but this show by Trump is more proof that there’s nothing that is truly sacred to him.

h/t to Tommy Christopher @ Shareblue

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