Trump Just Announced Plans To Give A Speech On Islam. Twitter’s Response Is GREAT

The Agence France-Presse has just announced that President Donald Trump, notorious Islamophobe and ignoramus, will be giving a speech on Islam during his upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia, home of Islam’s holy city of Mecca and the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism.

The news was met with trepidation from the public, to say the least. Trump has tried to ban Muslims from entering the United States not once but twice; insists on using the Islamophobic term “radical Islamic terrorism” instead of simply “extremists” or “militants,” and has dabbled in the rhetoric of white supremacists who point to Muslim immigrants and refugees as a threat to “western” (read: “white”) civilization.

So there is a serious reason to be concerned with the notoriously insensitive and ignorant Trump giving a speech on a religion he’s spent the past year and a half disparaging.

Here’s a collection of the best responses to the news.

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