White House Officials Just Told The Daily Beast Trump Is Acting Like A “Total Moron”

The latest round of embarrassing revelations implicating President Trump and his team in the ever-escalating Russian collusion scandal is accompanied by a fresh round of exasperated complaints from the White House staff – and their sentiments are very telling.

“Every day he looks more and more like a complete moron. I can’t see Trump resigning or even being impeached, but at this point I wish he’d grow a brain and be the man that he sold himself as on the campaign” recounted one official to the Daily Beast.

When asked if a staff change would help the situation, another snarkily replied “yes, if it comes with a frontal lobotomy for Trump.”

“If Donald Trump gets impeached, he will have one person to blame: Donald Trump” grimly announced yet another anonymous official.

President Trump has done a masterful job of torpedoing his own administration with little help from external pressures, and one can hardly blame his staff for responding in such a way, though we can question their judgment for agreeing to work for the bigoted sexual predator in the first place.

But it just goes to show how Trump’s administration is unravelling at the seams barely 120 days into his presidency, unable to recover from Trump’s insistence on shooting himself in the foot at every concievable opportunity.

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