Obama’s Photographer Just Trolled Trump’s NATO Disaster In The Best Way Possible

Yesterday’s meeting of NATO leaders was pretty eventful, to say the least.

President Donald Trump was clearly in a boisterous spirit and kept himself busy by condescending allies, playing into Russia’s hands, giving out aggressive handshakes and even shoving Montenegro’s Prime Minister.

Amid the media furore was former White House photographer Pete Souza. Souza is well known for his Instagram account which routinely and subtly trolls President Trump by posting images of President Obama’s time in office.

The images posted are usually references to a recent event. For example, yesterday Souza posted a picture of Obama warmly greeting Pope Francis in the oval office. Both men are smiling and clearly want to be there.

This is in contrast to images of the Pope meeting Trump the day before yesterday. Suffice to say the Pope doesn’t look like he’s amused.

Souza trolled Trump yet again today, this time comparing Obama’s meeting with NATO leaders to Trump’s.

This is what everyone looked like yesterday:

Look at those worried, scrunched up eyebrows. Those glances at the floor, trying to avoid Trump’s gaze so as not to attract his attention and an awkward conversation.

And this is what the meeting looked like when Obama came to visit:

Laughter at the 2012 NATO Summit. No jostling involved.

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Notice the difference?

Check out Souza’s account for regular and classy trolls.

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