Trump Was Just Forced To Change His Coat Of Arms And The Results Are Hilarious

At Trump’s golf clubs his coat of arms is literally everywhere: from the sign at the front, the gift shop and even the gym. The emblem shows three lions with two chevrons on a shield below a gloved hand holding an arrow.

But over in the United Kingdom, Trump’s golf resorts sport a rather different coat of arms.

The coat of arms in Scotland is a two-headed eagle, something Trump’s company says represents the “dual nature and nationality” of Trump’s German and Scottish roots.

But this is the reason for the design, not the reason why the emblem is different.

In the UK matters of heraldry are taken very seriously indeed, probably because they actually have a landed gentry and a monarchy for whom these things matter. Trump’s coat of arms was stolen from another family who were officially granted the right to use it nearly 80 years ago. 

In 1939 the original emblem was granted to Joseph Edward Davies, the third husband of Marjorie Merriweather Post, a socialite who actually built the Mar-A-Lago resort that Trump considers his “winter White House.”

In the U.S. the Trump Organization took Davies’ coat or arms without permission and made one small alteration, fittingly replacing the Latin word Integritas (integrity) with “TRUMP.” The lack of style and grace is notable, but also suitable for a man who has no style, or grace.

A relative of Davies, Joseph D. Tydings, a former Democrat and Maryland Senator, discovered Trump’s Organization was using the emblem without permission when he visited the resorts.

The former Senator said:

“There are members of the family who wanted to sue him. This is the first I’ve ever heard about it being used anywhere else.”

The Senator added his grandfather “would be rolling over in his grave to think he [Trump] was using his crest.”

Trump originally tried to use the emblem in Scotland a decade ago, but his use of it was discovered by Scotland’s coat-of-arms authority, who banned its improper use. Trump had also failed to register the emblem in accordance with the 1672 Lyon King of Arms Act.

This episode has Trump’s grubby orange hands all over it. Blatant intellectual property theft, a lack of research and tacky design replacements with gold all over them. Urgh.

It also reveals what Trump thinks of himself, i.e. that he is literally royalty, a king who should not be trifled with.

His and his family’s behavior is reminiscent of a royal family from days of yore: aloof, ignorant of the plight of their subjects, walking around with the “you can’t touch me” demeanour that has sparked countless revolutions.

And one final point. It’s important to re-iterate how fitting Trump’s new coat-of-arms really is. Replacing Integritas with TRUMP. It’s too perfect, satire is officially dead.

Check out the original coat-of-arms and its replacement below:

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