Greenpeace Just Projected An Image On The U.S. Embassy In Berlin To Taunt Trump

After President Trump announced his destructive decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Accord, Greenpeace sent him a message that even he was sure to understand.

Trump’s decision pits the United States against every country in the world besides Syria and Nicaragua in opposing the joint effort to combat the ravages of climate change.

In just four words and a caricature, Greenpeace managed to find multiple ways to hit Trump very close to home, exploiting his obnoxious compulsion to end tweets with “sad!’ and his obsession with calling people losers.

With one act, Trump has become the largest threat to the planet and severely damaged the credibility and standing of the United States. These things don’t seem to bother Trump, however, so props to Greenpeace for hitting him where it hurts.

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