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J.K Rowling & Stephen King Just Teamed Up To Mock Trump’s Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump’s morning Twitter rant left many shaking their heads in disgust, upset at the President’s obvious inability to control himself and his continued refusal to fess up to what appears to be a perpetually growing list of potentially criminal offenses.

Superstar author J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame teamed up with legendary horror writer Stephen King to roast the President for his ever-deepening descent into the abyss of delusion. Referencing some of their most famous characters, Rowling and King engaged in a lively back and forth:

For those not familiar with the references, “Cujo” is the titular character of King’s 1981 thriller Cujo about a rabid dog that embarks on a murderous rampage.

“Annie Wilkes” is the antagonist of his 1987 book Misery, in which a crazed woman rescues a famous author after he breaks his legs in a car accident and proceeds to hold him hostage and submitting him to both physical and psychological torture.

Other Twitter users joined in the fun:

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