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Top Republican Senator Just Gave The Most Laughable Defense Of Trumpcare

While Senate Republicans have been twisting themselves into pretzels trying to defend their politically toxic healthcare bill, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe told reporters, “I’m not sure what [the bill] does. I just know it’s better than Obamacare,” before ducking into an elevator.

Inhofe’s comments come on the heels of multiple notable Republican Senators refusing to back the bill, including Dean Heller (R-NV), Susan Collins (R-ME), Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Ron Johnson (R-WI). Their failure to do so in the event of a floor vote would ultimately doom Trumpcare.

This would not be the first time that the Senator from Oklahoma has embarrassed himself with his staunch positions based on little to no evidence. In 2015, Inhofe tried to disprove climate change by bringing a snowball onto the Senate floor to show that temperatures couldn’t possibly be rising if snow is still falling from the sky.

While Inhofe continues to humiliate himself with each public appearance, Republicans may want to rethink just how freely this foolish Senator speaks on behalf of the party.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

Brian Tyler Cohen is a political writer, actor, and comedy sketch director. He graduated from Lehigh University with a dual degree in English and Business. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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