Ann Coulter Just Got What She Deserves On A Delta Flight

Professional racist and far-right media personality Ann Coulter just threw a tantrum on social media after she had found that the seat she had “pre-booked” – in coach – and “very carefully” chosen was given to another passenger.

Can you guess why Ann Coulter was so angry?

It might have something to do with the skin color of the people involved. Coulter is a notorious racist, the kind of person who sponsors cartoon-drawing contests of the Prophet Mohammed (عليه السلام) and writes “books” about how “illegals” are destroying America.

A hero to the alt-right, it’s vindicating to see the self-satisfied smirk wiped from her face and to see her struggle to contain the slurs we know are on the tip of her tongue.

The unknown woman became an instant hero on social media. Twitter users had a field day mocking the hateful Coulter for her well-deserved misfortune.

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