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Ann Coulter Just Threw A Tantrum On A Delta Flight. Don Cheadle’s Response Is Perfect

Yesterday, Republican talking head and avid racist Ann Coulter threw a two-hour temper tantrum on a Delta flight when the coach seat she believed to be hers was given to another woman.

Miraculously, the world managed to continue to spin despite the affront to her delicate sensibilities, and high on the list of blessed events in the aftermath is movie star Don Cheadle’s response to Coulter’s whining. (Below.)

While Cheadle is truly one of the great actors of his generation, it would be a mistake to box him in. After starring in Hotel Rwanda, which dramatized the horrors of the country’s 1990s genocide, he became a best-selling author and one of the foremost activists against murderous regimes and atrocities around the world. So, saying Coulter was out of her league would barely scratch the surface.

The adage that the devil smells of sulfur has been around for centuries and has been used multiple times in our modern politics, but perhaps never so succinctly and effectively as in Cheadle’s retort.

Well played, Mr. Cheadle. This should give Ann something to think about as she returns from the friendly skies to her fiery lair.

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Sheila Norton

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