Trump Just Misspelled The Same Word For The FIFTH Time In A Friday Morning Tweet

By every historical measure, President Trump is not a good president.

He reminds us, however, that he isn’t trying to be presidential by the standards of Washington, Lincoln, or the Roosevelts. He sees himself as “modern day presidential,” and so he spends most of his non-golfing time tweeting.

Which is why it’s so mind-boggling that he is even terrible at that.

Two weeks ago, Trump fired off a typo-ridden tweet, which included the word “heal” misspelled as “heel” twice. He quickly deleted the tweet, reposted it with a typo fixed but left the word “heel” misspelled both times again. On the third attempt, he deleted, tweeted, and finally got the message right:

In this morning’s tweet, Trump misspelled the word “heal” for the fifth time (below), deleting and reposting a corrected version an hour later.

To be clear, Trump’s misspelling is far from the worst thing about this presidency. In the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort, President Trump has made speeches about his crowd size, declined to meet with victims, and spoken of the recovery in terms of scoring points rather than lives affected.

If Trump wants to spend his presidency golfing and tweeting, that’s less time for him to be harming our nation. It’s just, with all the time he puts in tweeting, you’d think he’d at least be good at that. Alas, however, Donald Trump always finds a way to disappoint.

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Sheila Norton

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