Trump’s Spokeswoman Was Just Pressed On His Harvey ‘Donation.’ Her Answer Speaks Volumes

After a barrage of inquiries from the media and concerned citizens regarding whether the President of the United States, alleged billionaire Donald Trump, will be donating any of his own money towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, Trump begrudgingly agreed to donate $1 million.

But a curious answer from Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders this afternoon raises new questions as to whether the notorious miser is actually going to go through with his promise.

When asked if the donation was to be “coming from his own money or from the Trump Foundation,” Sanders had no answer.

“Uh…he hasn’t finalized where all that will go yet…in fact if any of you have suggestions, we’re open to hearing those” said Sanders, in a pandering attempt to crowdsource charities from the press.

Trump has a long history of either backing out of giving money to charities – like when he promised to give $5 million to a charity if President Obama would show his birth certificate and never paid up – or spending other people’s money and pretending it was his. 

The hesitation in dispensing the money at a time when it’s needed the most indicates that Trump doesn’t actually plan to go through with the donation, leaving the people of Texas out in the cold as he hoards his ill-gotten wealth for himself.

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