Joel Osteen Just Gave An Appalling Sermon To Harvey Victims At His Fancy Megachurch

Millionaire pastor Joel Osteen held his first Sunday church service since Hurricane Harvey and his very public shaming after lying about how flooded his 16,000 seat mega church – and his sermon showed that he’s learned absolutely nothing from the experience.

Far from offering words of comfort and reassurance to his flock, the arrogant Osteen chastised them for complaining about having unprecedented floods upend their lives.

“Quit being upset by something you can handle. God never promised we would reach our destination without a battle and without disappointments and without things we don’t understand.

You may be in a difficulty right now but that has an expiration date. Instead of being discouraged, remind yourself this trouble has an expiration.”

Which is very easy for him to say, seeing as he has a giant hilltop mansion and millions of dollars to fall back on. But many people in Houston lost everything they had and didn’t have flood insurance to help them recover. 185,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed by the 20 trillion gallons of rain that Harvey dropped on Houston, and the city is looking at a clean-up timetable of years

Which makes it even more infuriating to hear a so-called “Man of God” who refused to use his house of worship to shelter those in need tell you that you need to “stop being upset.” The people of Houston have every right to be upset – and especially with Osteen himself.

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